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DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"I joined DirectBuy after a fellow worker told me how much she saved in building her home by using DirectBuy. I have now been a member for over 5 years and have also built my own home. My new home in Montana, but I was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the construction. I also needed to buy all new items, since I wasn't intending to permanently move to Montana for a number of years. Furthermore, I work very long hours running my own business, and the one-stop shopping at DirectBuy saved me hundreds of hours of shopping.

DirectBuy was one of the best decisions I made in building my home. Because it has multiple locations, I visited centers in Maryland, Illinois, Washington, Ohio, Idaho, and Indiana while traveling on business trips. The ability to search through the catalogs when I had available time throughout the country was very helpful.

The products I purchased included everything from hardwood flooring, carpet, cabinets, furniture, lighting, large and small appliances, cutlery, dishes, glassware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, mattresses, fireplaces, outdoor furniture, plumbing fixtures, granite, picture frames, door hardware, blinds, tiles, closets, blankets, sports/exercise equipment, ladders, garage wall systems, floor heating systems, etc. I was amazed at the variety of items I could buy and the catalogs introduced me to manufacturers I never knew existed.

Finally, I can't compliment the helpful staff in Pittsburgh enough. They went out of their way to help me over and over again. The details of various orders required knowledge base beyond me and the staff was always able to answer my questions and help me through the order processes. Even in rare situations where there was a problem with an order, it was resolved quickly and professionally. They are just plain great.

I would highly recommend DirectBuy."

Maggie - Pittsburgh , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"After spending 2 days searching big box stores and websites, I found that the GE electric dryer with steam dry that you offer is at least $100 less than anywhere else (even on sale), and that includes tax and delivery! It was between that and a Whirlpool Cabrio, also best priced at DirectBuy. Thanks, DirectBuy!"


DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"When we decided to remodel our kitchen, we went to DirectBuy for assistance. Rich guided us through the whole process. He was patient, had great ideas and was willing to listen to the items that were important to us. He provided us with DirectBuy contacts for appliances, tile, granite and a contractor and he spent countless evenings with us as we tried to pick out cabinets, drawer pulls, tile and more cabinets. He must have redone the design for us at least 5 times as issues arose or we expanded the project. He even notified us of a sale with a different cabinet maker when we were near the final decision phase and he then redid the entire quote AGAIN so that we could save a few thousand dollars more, which was a huge help. Through it all, he was patient and professional. We couldn't have been more thrilled with the finished product and we could have never gotten through the process without him."

Kelly and Rich B. - Mars , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"We live in a concrete duplex in Midland, PA. It was built in the early 1900's and the project was called Toyland. With that being said any remodel in these homes are more than anyone would expect. My husband Rob told me in September when he started the bathroom it would be done by Christmas, but he didn't say what Christmas. If it wasn't for Direct Buy we wouldn't have installed a 6' American Standard whirlpool bathtub. We also purchased our cherry vanity from Direct Buy as well. My husband installed all cherry tongue and grooved lumber on the walls as wainscoting. We also ordered all the faucets and towel racks from Direct Buy. The faucets were a huge savings for the tub with a spray handle. We saved so much money and was able to upgrade on the items we purchased. We are in the process of putting in a new kitchen. The cabinets have arrived from Kabinart Cabinets and I am going to order my new dishwasher this week."

Brenda and Robert - Midland , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"Rich Eakin, the Pittsburgh North kitchen designer, is a genius and by far the best kitchen designer we encountered after talking and working with 4 other companies. He helped us achieve a great design at a reasonable cost and resolved many potential issues other designers weren't even aware of. He also suffered thru about 5 kitchen design exercises with us as we explored many, many options. All the while he was professional, patient and enjoyable. Rich is a wonderful asset to your company."

Eileen Kenney - Pittsburgh , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"Everyone at DirectBuy Pittsburgh North is great. All the employees are helpful and friendly, especially to my 3 year old son. I have been working with Jean for 4 years. She has been extremely helpful with my orders (which are not always easy). Jean and Katie get you answers quick and never leave a questions unresolved. I also really appreciate their prompt response to my emails.

Thanks to everyone for your past and continued assistance."

Alex G. - Pittsburgh , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"I wish to thank Jean and Katie for all their wonderful help that they gave me. For almost the whole day they helped me go threw book after book on kitchen supplies and furniture, and wrote my orders, plus they also answered all the questions I had (which were very, very many). I was so lost, but with their help time after time - they helped me threw. I could never - ever - ever got threw all I needed without them. On a scale of 1 to 10 they easily get 100+. Thank you."

Chuck N. - St. Clairsville , OH

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"I was shopping online for bone-china place settings. I fell in love with the Lenox Tin Can Alley setting. I was searching Macy's online and the cost was $125 for the square setting. I knew I wanted 12 settings, but was discouraged by the total ticket price. Stopped in to my wonderful DirectBuy and found out I could get the same 4 pc. setting for only $44.98. Now I can afford all 12 settings!! Thank you DirectBuy!!"

Kristin B. - Gibsonia , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"We bought our membership in 2008 as we were contemplating our kitchen renovation. We wanted high end cabinets with full overlay cherry wood slab cabinet doors, European hinges, full extension drawers with soft close, etc. The boxes are plywood. Everything is top notch. We also needed all new appliances and bought all stainless steel finishes. The range/oven is a dual fuel workhorse.

Compared to what we would have paid elsewhere, we saved more than enough money to justify and pay for our membership."

Valerie and Brian B. - Pittsburgh , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"Jean did a great job! She saved us money! Katie was very supportive. Love them!"

Kelly and Dennis - Wexford , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"We have been members since 2007 and have ordered many items from DirectBuy. Our purchases have ranged from bathroom tile and fixtures to furniture for all rooms of our new house. Our DirectBuy showroom closed and we now have to travel three to five hours to enjoy all our buying privileges. Due to closing, we are now receiving our merchandise at a local delivery point - a Van and Storage Company. We have been very pleased with the condition of the products which we have gone through the delivery process. The Van and Storage Company told us with the first shipment that every delivery from DirectBuy arrives in perfect condition due to the outstanding packing of the merchandise. They have not experienced any damaged goods from DirectBuy. This is a reassuring benefit when ordering from this company."

Carolyn Thompson - Louisa , KY

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"I haven't shopped here for awhile, but I have been in and Jean, Katie, and the kitchen guy (Rich) have made everything so easy that I will be back more often. They were even more patient when we decided no on an item."

Mary Ann Weaver

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"Larry and I have been members of DirectBuy since 2005. However, it is only over the past few years that we have truly taken advantage of the great oppurtunities available to members. We especially want to thank the staff at Pittsburgh North for their wonderful service and knoledge, as well as, their gracious kindness and support during all of our purchases. It is a wonderful organization with special people and a wealth of products to choose from. We are very pleased with our decision to join."

Janet and Larry H. - Cranberry Twp. , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"We are building a new home and everyone at DirectBuy has been extremely helpful in making selections. We've purchased flooring, ceramic tile, carpeting, lighting, locks and levers and plumbing fixtures. Katie and all the staff have been extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. We highly recommend DirectBuy.

P.S. My fiance especially likd the cookies and lemonade on Saturdays!!"

Jeanne - Pittsburgh , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"My wife Elizabeth and I purchased our house 18 years ago and made the decision to remain in this home through our retirement years. The home needed enormous renovations, however, including replacement windows, a new kitchen, refurbished bathroom and powder room, and a full compliment of appliances. DirectBuy made all of this possible. Without DirectBuy the prices and total cost would have been prohibative and we would have been headed for some drab and depressing retirement home. Thank you, DirectBuy!"

Calvin and Elizabeth W. - Pittsburgh , PA

DirectBuy of Pittsburgh North Pennsylvania Reviews

"DirectBuy has been a great experience! With our first purchase alone, we saved over $22,896!

We ordered dining room, living room, and family room furniture in our first purchase. With that being said, we made up our membership fee and saved another $17,896 and we still have more rooms to furnish!"

Shawn - Cranberry Twp , PA